TIS Technology

  • The SMARTRA system is powered by Travel Information Service (TIS) Technology.
  • It allows users to get personalized passage prediction, personalized elapsed time prediction, comparison of the prediction and the prediction on whether or not a person can transfer to a connecting transportation.
  • It predicts the passage time of a type of person under a certain condition.
  • It can provide prediction for various kinds of people: a person
    who is different from normal people, such as a younger,
    older or disabled person.
  • It provides some prediction even when we have snow
    and cannot rely on real time information.
  • It provides travelers with the 6 effects and realizes
    a new generation travel style: SMART TRAVEL.
  • Transportation Operator: airlines, airport,
    railway operator, bus company, taxi
    company, ferry service operator, etc.
  • Leisure Industry: theme park, playground, golf course, etc.
  • Cargo Industry: air transporter, truck company, seaborne service
    company, delivery service company, etc.
  • Travel Industry: travel agency, hotel, restaurant,
    souvenir shop, rent-a-car, etc.
  • Retail Industry: shop, store, restaurant, barber, coffee
    shop, cleaner, movie theater, department store, etc.
  • Traveler: individual traveler, tour conductor,
    group tour member, etc
  • Government: CBP, TSA, FBI, etc.
  • Alliance Company: airline alliance, TIS Global Alliance, etc.
  • Sales and Marketing
  • High Quality Service
  • Cost Saving
  • Shorter Delivery Time
  • Sales Increase
  • Faster or more Efficient Travel
  • Improved Rendezvous Environment
  • Better Accessibility
  • Provision of Automatic Personal Guidance
  • Better Brand Image

TIS Technology is patented in Japan and foreign countries. For details, visit FAQ.

For more information, visit:http://aq-enterprise.com

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