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The points all users keep as of now:

Dear Advertiser:

SMARTRA has a free advertisement site. You can post your advertisement for free!

We don't charge for this service for the foreseeable future.

As users get more points, we will need coupons or goods for Reward, providing the users with them.
By the time the user get enough points, we will request them.

We will inform you when we start the request.

You may post your advertisement without posting any timely sale item.

Best Promotion Mix:
by uniquely combining the following promotion styles, you can effectively promote your goods or service!

Advertize Effectively!
Promotion Styles Effect
Timely Sale The timely sale information is usually used for giving the customers the incentive to travel and visit you.
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If you provide the customers who are traveling the place close to you with the timely sale information, the incentive will have more power!
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Because they travel the place close to you, their travel cost to visit you becomes very small.
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They conceive your timely sale information to be more valuable.
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The chance to let the customer visit you gets higher!
down arrowAttract the customers who have less travel cost to reach you!
You can advertise very effectively.
Advertisement The contents of Advertisement should be about the goods or service related to the timely sale item.
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The customers are prone to buy them with the timely sale item.
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You should make the advertisement which lets customers buy normal goods or service with the timely sale item.
down arrowSell normal price goods or service with a timely sale item!
You can get profits by selling them.
Timely &
Special Service
Getting a request from a customer means that he/she trusts you.
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By providing him/her with a timely and special service, such as giving trustful suggestion or advice with entertainment, the customer is likely to purchase what you recommend.
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You will build a good relationship with him/her.
down arrowUse it if you provide premium goods or service!
He/she may become a patron.
Coupon A coupon prompts customers to newly try your store, goods or service.
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If it is given to the customers who are traveling the place close to you, the motivation to visit you gets much higher.
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They think your coupon much more valuable.
down arrowApply it to new goods or service!
You can attract them much more effectively.
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Your promotion gets strong!
Goods for Lottery By letting customers win the lottery and presenting your goods or service, they will have good image about you.
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If they learn that your facility is close to the place they are traveling, they are more likely to visit you.
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Every time they travel to the place: e.g. commuting, they would visit and be willing to buy your goods or service.
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You can get a large patronage!Make Patrons!
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