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1) 500 points when you completed User Registration,
2) 100 points each time you send SMARTRA Report, which is followed by "End of Travel",
3) 100 points when we delete the suspicious information you pointed out,
4) 100 points when you receive Travel Prediction or Traveler's Passage Information,
5) 100 points when your meeting partner(s) receive Travel Prediction or Passage Information for Rendezvous, and
6) 100 points when the Rendezvous Display you set shows your passage.

We plan to get coupons or goods from Advertisers, so you would be able to use your points for getting a
coupon or applying for a lottery in the future.
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Goods LED Clock with USB A radio controlled clock, 185*80*50 mm, 2 USB ports, AC100v 2015年5月1日~2025年12月31日 1 SH-02E 2021/04/12
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