Your travel will be more efficient, pleasant, valuable, economical & enjoyable.

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Predict Passage Time! Travel Prediction

You can get the prediction of your passage time before you travel and realize a more valuable travel.

  • Use for minimizing the waiting time at an airport, station, bus stop, etc.
  • Select faster or more accurate travel by comparing multiple routes.
  • Choose the connecting transportation which gives you shorter transfer time.
Meet Just In Time! Timely Rendezvous?

Your meeting partner can learn your travel situation, and you and he/she can have a better rendezvous.

  • Your meeting partner can make a proper schedule to meet you: preventing him from wasting his time.
  • He can prepare meeting you just before you arrive.
  • He doesn't have to show your name on his self-made cardboard at an airport to find out you just in time.
Shop Economically! Timely Sale Information?

You can get the timely sale information from a retailer close to your travel route and luckily purchase economical goods or service while traveling.

  • Save the transportation cost to get a sale item.
  • Buy a proper souvenir at a proper place by using the advertisement including the timely sale items.
  • Plan to get the most valuable goods or service at an economical price before you travel.
  • Forward the timely sale information to your wife and ask her to shop wisely while you are working.
Get Premium Service!? Timely & Special Service

By sending a sales representative your travel situation, you would be able to get timely and special service from him when you have just arrived at a retailer.

  • The sales representative would come up and host to you when you have just arrived.
  • Ask the sales representative whatever you like to know before you buy goods or service.
  • The driver of the shuttle bus run by a hotel, golf or ski resort, theme park, playground, or rent-a-car would be waiting for your arrival.
  • Order a meal during traveling and eat it just after you have arrived at a restaurant without waiting.
Use Points Wisely! Rewards

By getting points, you can have the chance to get a coupon or lottery ticket.

  • You can get points when you register for SMARTRA, send SMARTRA Report, point out suspicious information or get notification, or when your information is displayed by a signage
  • You would be able to exchange your points with a coupon or lottery ticket.
  • Enjoy using it when you go shopping!
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